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2021 Litigation

The Alaska Constitution provides that lawsuits brought against the Board's adopted Redistricting Proclamation must be filed within 30 days of Proclamation adoption.  The Board adopted the 2021 Proclamation of Redistricting on November 10, 2021 meaning that lawsuits must be brought no later than December 10, 2021.

Five lawsuits were filed with Alaska Court system. These were brought by

  1. The Matanuska-Susitna Borough >
    Doyon Coalition moves to Intervene on Behalf of the Board in the Matsu Case >
  2. The City of Valdez >
  3. The City of Skagway >
  4. Wilson, Martinez & Silvers >
  5. Calista Corporation >

The Board's Response to Challenges:

Court Orders

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